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Our expert writers are very attentive about employing the proper citation forms in their work. The APA (American Psychological Association), the MLA (Modern Language Association), and the less well-known Chicago-Turabian citation format are among the most well-known formats that institutions utilize in their academic writings.

Hard (e.g., physics, biology, and chemistry) and soft sciences articles, as well as those dealing with social issues, are written in the APA format (e.g., social studies, economics). Those writing in the humanities and liberal arts are more likely to follow the MLA citation format than those writing in language studies or other fields.

The Turabian manual distinguishes between two forms of source citations: (1) notes and bibliography (also known as notes and bibliography) and (2) author-date. In the humanities, such as literature, history, and the arts, authors frequently use the notes and bibliography format to explicitly annotate the work of authors who are cited in their work. Notes and bibliography format is particularly popular in the humanities. The author-date format, on the other hand, is recommended in the physical, natural, and social sciences, among other fields.

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I’m a student at a university. Is it possible for you to assist me?
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