Not everyone finds writing a book report to be a pleasant experience. As a graduate student or doctoral candidate in literature at a university, chances are you’re sick of seeing them every day of your life. In the case of students in high school or graduate school, it is possible that literature is not your strong point. You may not enjoy reading the classics in this case.

There’s also the matter of how much time it takes to write a book report. This means that not only must you find the time to outline the paper, write the paper, revise and proofread the paper, but you must also find the time to read the book as well. Especially when you have additional topics to study, as well as a job and a family to care for, this isn’t always an easy task.

Reading should be enjoyable. And when you’re compelled to read a book that you don’t particularly care for, it quickly becomes a burden. In addition, when reading the book becomes a job, it takes even longer to finish it, and even after finishing it, you may find yourself wondering what the book was truly about.

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