Will Robots Take My Job? 

Will Robots Take My Job? .

Will Robots Take My Job?



Where do you see yourself in five years, or ten years for that matter?

Students will think about their future career goals. And more importantly, students will do research on whether their career choices are “future proof”. Students will brainstorm on THREE careers they would be interested in pursuing in the near term (5 – 10 years). Further instructions are listed below:

-physician assistant

– real estate agent

-business operation

  • For EACH career option you listed, provide the following information
  • What is the “Automation Risk Level” (chances that robots will take over your job)
  • What is the “projected growth” (how much that career sector will grow in the coming years)
  • How many people are employed in that career sector?
  • What is the median annual wage (the average salary that people make in this career)
  • Provide a job description that is 5-7 sentences long (in this description, also write about why you are interested in working in this career that you selected)
  • All of this information will be written on a word document.

Will Robots Take My Job? 

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