thoughts on online learning at (College X).

thoughts on online learning at (College X).. thoughts on online learning at (College X).


  • 8-10 slides
  • Use a background template
  • Simple text
  • Add appropriate graphics
  • Audio narration of each slide
  • Animation not required
  • Background music not required


Create an audiovisual presentation about your thoughts on online learning at (College X). This is for prospective adults who have never taken an online course. Describe your experiences (good or bad) and give them tips for succeeding. Create it as if it would be posted on our website to help prospective students. Put your name in the title slide along with the subject of your presentation.


You can add your audio narration in the presentation software, or try using Panopto in Canvas.

Software suggestions

PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Google slides, Powtoon, 280 Slides, etc.


Use PowerPoint (.pptx) or any file format that can be viewed without special software. Check your file to make sure it plays correctly.

Excellent slideshow. The material clearly presented.

Slideshow used excellent graphics and narration for an easy to follow slideshow.

Excellent background template. Interesting and appropriate photos and drawings.

Followed all assignment directions for the slideshow.

thoughts on online learning at (College X).

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