The Remains of the Day

The Remains of the Day.

At the end of the flashback in The Remains of the Day “Day Four: Fternoon: Little Compton, Cornwall,” Mr. Stevens returns to his post after learning of Miss Kenton’s engagement and has a “deep feeling of triumph” based on how he has handled the whole situation (Ishiguro 227).  In addttion, Mr. Stevens remarks that it “appeared to to me a sort of summary of all that I had come to achieve thus far in my life” (Ishiguro 228).

Has Mr. Stevens’s life decisions been a deep triumph?  Explain your reaction to Mr. Stevens’s claim based on the choices he makes in the novel.  Has he made the right choices or nothing but wrong choices.  are there areas he has failed in as well as triumphed?

Be sure to answer in one well written paragraph.

The Remains of the Day

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