Santa Barbara Community College

Santa Barbara Community College.

Topic: Santa Barbara Community College

For this question, complete the following

A PowerPoint presentation on your recommendations for improvement in governance. You are to assume the role of a consultant hired at the suggestion of the accrediting body by the governing board and the president. Your responsibility is to make recommendations on improving the climate of the college, based on your review of the governance process and accreditation report (institutional self-study and team report from a recent accreditation site visit). You should research models and suggestions brought forth by a regional accrediting body to which the institution reports. For example, if an institution was located in Pennsylvania, you would explore suggestions made by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). You should use those standards as a foundation for your recommendations. Note: The role of a consultant is not to solve the problem but to recommend a course of action that might lead to an improvement in the governance, politics, and climate of the institution.

Complete the following:

  • Prepare the presentation for any or all of the following audience: governing board, senior leadership, and participatory governance committee or board.
    • Focus the content on:
      • Institutional background, based on the information in your paper.
      • Professional summary of findings based on the most recent accreditation report.
      • Any other credible source about the governance of the institution.
      • Be sure to include recommendations in your presentation.

Santa Barbara Community College

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