Military aviation in WW2. Primarily US aviation. 

Military aviation in WW2. Primarily US aviation. . My topic is on Military aviation in WW2. Primarily US aviation.

You are responsible for researching and preparing a MINIMUM 2,500-word formal History research paper on a topic of your choosing with the emphasis on the United States in World War II.


You are required to have at least 5 sources, of which at least 2 MUST be academic BOOKS on the subject. You WILL lose significant points if fewer or prohibited works (described below) are used.

·       You may use any credible academic work from any source (book, journal, Internet, etc.) to research the topic except the course textbook or other similar college history textbooks.

·        You WILL lose points if non-academic sources (such as Wikipedia,, Infoplease, etc) are used. Web sources generally do not provide the in-depth information and analysis you need for a paper of this nature; a 4-page web page cannot possibly replace a solid, 150-page book written by an expert on the topic. Besides, anybody can put anything on Wikipedia – anything!

·        Reference works such as encyclopedias or other general reference sources may be used and must be cited in your bibliography but do NOT count as an academic source since they generally do not express opinions on the topic.

·        List your sources in a bibliography at the end of your paper (it does not count toward your word count).


·        All citations (footnote and bibliographic) are in MLA style.

Formatting Guidelines:

Papers must be double-spaced and should adhere to the following format:

·       1″ margins on all sides

·       12 point font size

·       Use ONLY Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier New fonts

·       Pages must be numbered

Military aviation in WW2. Primarily US aviation. 

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