Leadership for Managing Change.

Leadership for Managing Change..

The assigned reading ends with the section Leadership for Managing Change. While it contains a lot of ideal actions that leaders must take to be effective in facilitating change, it can also seem impossible or unlikely to accomplish all the tasks listed. Read this section, take notes and think about what it really means to be an effective leader that can successfully “facilitate the work of health care teams and change an organization’s culture so it is no longer “resistant to change.”

In real life situations, what does all of this mean to you? As a leader, knowing that change is necessary and certain, how can you reasonably accomplish these expectations? How do you start, what will be your personal challenges, what will be your strengths? How do you identify boundaries, create motivation, change the way people think and sustain modified behaviors?

Respond to just one or all of these questions. There is no right or wrong answer here – but I do expect insight and thoughfulness with your answer and at least one reference to this article within your response.

Limit response length to 3/4 page or 1-2 paragraphs double spaced.

Leadership for Managing Change.

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