Integrated investigation methodology

Integrated investigation methodology.

In this section, you need to write EXACTLY what you did in your investigation. This will elaborate on what you wrote in your “introduction”, but be sure you say enough information that another researcher that does not know you can replicate exactly what you did without contacting you, asking you for advise, etc. While writing this, you are going to think you are doing this wrong because it will sound so tedious and boring, but that is how it is supposed to sound. You are not doing this with numbered steps, but it should almost read that way.

DO NOT include any of your actual results.

DO NOT use any person pronouns. What I mean is that you should not be writing “I asked 100 people to take a survey”. Rather, write “100 people were asked to take a survey” or some method where you do not place the “investigator” into the writing.


“For this study investigating the impacts of student choice on repetition on test, final, and course grades, weekly chapter quizzes were made available for all enrolled students over the course of 5 years of introduction to biology courses at a local university. No students were required to take the quizzes, which consisted of all multiple-choice questions, and grades were automatically calculated by a computer software program. Students were able to see answers to the questions between each attempt. At the end of each semester, the average number of attempts per quiz were calculated and paired with average scores on tests, the final exam, and the overall course grade. Three ttests were done comparing each of the dependent variables (average test scores, final score, and course score) for students whose average quiz attempts were two or less to those students whose average attempts were more than 2.”

Integrated investigation methodology

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