How many       Japanese Troops were involved in the Battle of Iwo Jima?

How many       Japanese Troops were involved in the Battle of Iwo Jima?.

Assignment Instructions

  • Read Chapter      13 and watch the video below on the Firebombing of Japan before      you start work on this assignment.
  • Closely      read the scenario, the pre-briefing questions, and the problem before      starting your work.
  • You will      be doing research on key members of the meeting and the various options      open to the U.S.
  • Submit      a 2-3 page pre-brief summary and your recommendation to      the President and your rationale for that recommendation. 2-2.5 pages will      be your pre-brief and .5-1 page will be your recommendation to the      President and your rationale for that decision.

The President and Fog of War Scenario

Read the following scenario. The time is July of 1945.  You have been asked by the President of the United State Harry S. Truman to attend a meeting with the following people: (before you do anything else do some research to find out who they are)

  • General      Leslie Groves,
  • General      George Marshal,
  • Henry      Stimpson,
  • General      Curtis LeMay,  and
  • Edward      Stettinius, Jr.

The meeting is to discuss the final act of the Pacific War.

The Fog of War

Watch the Video below about the US bombing of Japan before starting the assignment:

The Pre-Briefing

The questions below are for the pre-briefing you have to complete before your meeting with the President and his cabinet.  You will need to do some research to find the answers to these questions.

Answer the following questions in a 2-2.5 page written summary in preparation for your meeting:

  1. The man in      the video is Robert S. Mac Namara: What was his role in the Fire Bombing      of Japan?
  2. Recently,      the Battle of Iwo Jima and Okinawa had been fought. What was the outcome      of those battles?
  3. Fact      Check:
    1. How       many Japanese Troops were involved in the Battle of Okinawa?  How       many Japanese Troops Surrendered?
    2. How many       Japanese Troops were involved in the Battle of Iwo Jima? How many       Japanese Troops Surrendered?
    3. What is       Operation Downfall ?
    4. What is       the Objective of this future Operation?
    5. How many       US troop and allied troop are to be engaged in the entire operation?
    6. What are       the projected losses on both sides, both military and civilian losses?
    7. What is       the Manhattan Project , “Gadget?”


The Problem

President Truman and all the members of the meeting go over the information you’ve gathered. The generals and the secretaries lay out the options very clearly:

  1. Use the      “Manhattan Gadget”
  2. Proceed      with “Operation Downfall”

The other members walk out of the room and the President asks you to stay behind.  The President looks you straight in the eyes and says, “My goal is to end this war, what would you recommend? What should I do?

In .5 – 1 page give your answer to the President and explain your rationale based on the facts that you’ve collected.


What would you recommend?

Review your research and make your recommendation with a supporting argument to justify your position.


Length/Formatting Instructions



2-3 Pages



12 point, Calibri Font, 1″   Margins


Program/File Type

Submit in Word



Should be pasted into the Word   document if possible.


Referencing system

APA referencing system is   necessary in assignments, especially material copied from the Internet.

For   examples of correct citations, visit the following links:

How many       Japanese Troops were involved in the Battle of Iwo Jima?

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