Gender Identity and Gender Construction.

Gender Identity and Gender Construction..

Create an Annotated Bibliography using 2 sources that you find on your own on one of the following themes from Song of Solomon:

African American Vernacular Traditions: oral histories, folktales, songs and ring rhymes, riddles, the dozens (a verbal competition of insults).

Gender Identity and Gender Construction. Think about Ruth’s relationship with Macon, the opportunities available to First Corinthians and Magdalene, Lena’s criticism of Milkman and the privilege that accompanies his “hog’s gut” (215), and Hagar’s relationship with Milkman and how this affects her sense of worth. There are many other examples, of course; these are just a few to get you started.

Black Migration. That would include the forced migration of enslaved peoples from Africa to the Americas during the slave trade and also voluntary migration in terms of escapes from slavery and the huge mass of people who moved from the South to northern cities during the Great Migration. In the Foreword to Song of Solomon, Morrison talks a lot about migration.*

You can also see a sample of an annotated bibliography here:

Gender Identity and Gender Construction.

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