Fourteenth Amendment of the  US Constitution 

Fourteenth Amendment of the  US Constitution .

Research Paper ;

Topic: Fourteenth Amendment of the  US Constitution

Possible Research Question: Why was the Fourteenth Amendment needed and passed?

1. Need Rough Draft first , Please make sure to include a cover page, introduction with a working thesis statement, and working MLA bibliography. 

# Final Research paper .

For example, why was it an issue, how did the people bring attention to the issue, what law was passed because of the issue, who was for it and who was against, did the new law or Supreme Court case handle the issue, and finally what were the consequences.

REQUIREMENTS: Three to Five pages, size 12, double space, and MLA/APA bibliography. The cover page and bibliography will NOT count towards the Final Paper 3-5 page requirement. 

Fourteenth Amendment of the  US Constitution 

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