Evaluate the structure of your management team.

Evaluate the structure of your management team..

The Business Team and Advisors

This Lab assignment requires you to complete the Team and Advisors section of your plan in LivePlan. This will be important not only for planning how to run the business, but also in terms of how much the help will cost.

(Note: Some requirements for this assignment do not have specific areas in LivePlan to address them. Once you have completed the areas that appear in LivePlan, you can download LivePlan as a Word document and then insert the other checklist items required in the Word document before submission.)

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this Lab assignment:

MT499-4: Assess the roles that structure, management, and leadership play in organizational performance.

MT499-6: Evaluate career skills in the field of business and management.

Access LivePlan by PaloAlto software®

Checklist: Go to the Plan tab and select the Company and Mission, etc. on the left hand navigation and select both the Team and Advisors sections to complete the following:

Detail the management team and advisors for your business.

Evaluate the structure of your management team.

Assess how the leadership team you designate will affect organizational performance in the short-term and the long-term.

Evaluate the skills needed for each of the members of the management team.

Evaluate the structure of your management team.

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