Conflict Resolution Resources – Influencers, TED Talks, and Websites.

Conflict Resolution Resources – Influencers, TED Talks, and Websites..

Review all of the Discussions: Conflict Resolution Resources – Influencers, TED Talks, and Websites. After reviewing all the resources presented, create your thread.

This week, identify the one resource that impacted you the most that you shared and identify one resource that impacted you the most that was shared by one of your peers and make it using 500 words

In your thread:

  1. Introduce your classmates to the resource you shared that is the most impactful
  2. Introduce your classmates to the resource that was shared by one of them that was the most impactful
  3. Explain why you selected these resources
  4. Explain how these resources impacted your thoughts and ideas on conflict resolution
  5. Explain how these resources are personally applicable to you

Use this information to incorporate into the questions:


The resource that I shared that is the most impactful are the influencers Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum. The first influencer is Brandon Tatum he is known for being an American conservative political commentator, former police officer and football player. He Born in Forth Worth, Texas, Tatum was an All-American football player in high school. His father, Bobby Tatum, was a captain in the Fort Worth Fire Department. His great uncle, Jack Tatum, was an Ohio State All-American, NFL All-Pro, and a Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders. Tatum was featured in the US-Army All-American Game, which showcases the top 78 high school football players in the nation. Tatum committed to playing on a full athletic scholarship from the University of Arizona in 2004. Tatum played at Arizona for 5 years and entered the NFL Draft in 2010. After he After going undrafted in the NFL Draft, Tatum became a police officer in Tucson, Arizona. He rose to prominence in early 2016 for a viral video about a campaign rally for U.S. President Donald Trump. Following the rally, he said in the video that he felt unsafe because of those who protested against the event. He went viral a second time in September 2017 for a video where he expressed his opposition to players “taking the knee” during the national anthem at NFL football games. Tatum later then Tatum resigned from the Tucson Police Department in October 2017 to join Liftable Media a conservative content producer that owns and operates The Western Journal and The Conservative Tribune. He then served, as director of urban engagement for the conservative action group Turning Point USA before founding his own media company in late 2019 and sells his own shirts and hats.

The second social media influencer I chose is Candace Owen. She is a American conservative author, political commentator, and activist. She was along with With her siblings, Owens was raised in Stamford, Connecticut, by her grandparents from around the age of 11 or 12, after her parents divorced. She was the third of four children. She said her paternal grandfather Robert Owens, a Black American, was born in North Carolina. Owens is also of Caribbean American heritage through her grandmother who is originally from Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She is a graduate of Stamford High School. Owens pursued an undergraduate degree in journalism at the University of Rhode Island. She dropped out after her junior year because of an issue with her student loan. Afterwards, she worked as an intern for Vogue magazine in New York. In 2012, Owens took a job as an administrative assistant for a private equity firm in Manhattan, New York, later moving up to become its vice president of administration. In 2015, Owens was CEO of Degree180, a marketing agency that offered consultation, production, and planning services. Owens launched in 2016, a website she said would expose bullies on the Internet by tracking their digital footprint. By late 2017, Owens had started producing pro-Trump commentary, and criticism of liberal rhetoric regarding structural racism, systemic inequality, and identity politics. then in 2018 she went on to be apart of Blexit. She is also currently released a book called Blackout.

They both relate to conflict resolution is because they both went through different life paths that led them to be where they are now. They have different beliefs about things then other people but they have discussions and conversations on there channels with people to discuss them. They both relate to me view wise because we have things in common on how we view many diffferent things and topics.

Conflict Resolution Resources – Influencers, TED Talks, and Websites.

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