Complete the Weebly lesson on Theresa

Complete the Weebly lesson on Theresa. Research and Analysis:
Complete the Weebly lesson on Theresa
(The link to the Weebly lesson is available in Module 5 Study Activities)
Be sure to read the following, which are included in the Weebly lesson:
Read PBS’s biography of the Freedom’s Journal, available online at
Read “Theresa, A Haytien Tale,” originally published in the Freedom’s Journal in
The text is available through the following links:
For an online copy, see
For a link to download the tale, see

Read the excerpts of New York laws included in the Weebly Lesson on Theresa.
Answer the following questions based on the background information and “Theresa,
A Haytien
Tale.” The questions are to guide you in writing your essay. You do not have to turn in your answers to the instructor.
1. When was this short fictional story published? What was it published in?
2. What was the author’s message to the newspaper’s readers? What do you think was his purpose in publishing this story in Freedom’s Journal? Explain why you believe this
was the author’s message and purpose. Provide explanation, along with evidence from “Theresa, A Haytien Tale.”
3. What event influenced this tale? Why do you think that this event influenced an author writing for Freedom’s Journal in 1828?
Note:These questions are to help you answer the historical context part of the prompt. Don’t forget to also describe the plot of the story (see prompt below).

• The essay should be based on the assigned primary sources –“Theresa, A Haytien Tale,” and
the New York law excerpts –and the secondary sources –the PBS bio on Freedom’s Journal
and historical context information presented in the Weebly Lesson: Theresa.
•The paper should contain a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.
•The paper should be a minimum of 2 pages in length, double-spaced, not including citations. (Use default settings including 12-point Times New Roman font. No cover
page needed.)
•Use Chicago Style citations. (See guide:
•Review the lesson on Historical Thinking from
Module 1 and the information contained in the
Weebly Lesson on Theresa, as needed, to improve writing for a history essay.
This is the meat of the assignment. Make sure that you describe the plot of the story and place it in historical context.

Complete the Weebly lesson on Theresa

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