classic film Citizen Kane

classic film Citizen Kane.

Your total exam should be no longer than 3 pages (8 x 11).Proceedure:  Watch the classic film Citizen Kane which is available through multiple streaming services.  There is also a link on our module page.  There are three questions for this exam.  As you answer them, incorporate what you have learned about narrative, composition, lighting, sound, and editing.

1.  Choose one of the three scenes listed and complete a formal analysis of it. That is, discuss each of the aesthetic or formal elements (lighting, sound, editing, camera work, and composition) in the scene. Be sure to use terms that we have covered during the semester. (40 points)

  • The Thatcher Library
  • Breakfast with the first Mrs. Kane

Camping in the Everglades

2 Answer one question from this list: (15 points)

a. Discuss the plot structure of Citizen Kane. Various critics have compared its structure to a labyrinth, a prism, and a mystery story. What is the structure of the plot and how does the ending fit this structure? Use several examples to illustrate your point.

b. Choose one of the relationships depicted in Citizen Kane and discuss how Orson Welles uses aesthetic elements to reveal the relationship. Use several examples to illustrate your claim.

c. Choose one motif in the film and explain how it is developed throughout the film. Use several examples to explain the motif.

3. Final question: (10 points)  One theme we have repeated for the entire semester is that changes in technology often affect media aesthetics. Provide an example of a change in technology and explain how that change affected media aesthetics.  Your example of change in media technology does not have to be related to the film Citizen Kane.

classic film Citizen Kane

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