Business Motivation – Thought Responses

Business Motivation – Thought Responses. Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.

Prompt 1:

In the personality self-assessment, I scored the highest in emotional stability. I tied in conscientiousness and openness to experience. I scored low in agreeableness and extroversion. I was not surprised by the results because of I am very self-aware of my personality. In regards to the assessment on what motivates me the most, good wages, job security, and good working conditions were my top 3; whereas, feeling of being in on things, tactful discipline, and sympathetic help with personal problems were me least 3 motivators. Work is work. I do not expect to feel like I am included in decisions or if my employer will help me with my personal problems because it is a job. I am more concerned with how my job will affect me outside of work. Am I getting paid a fair wage? Can I count on this job to be here 10 years from now? Do I feel mentally and physically safe at work? My thought process is that a job is to fulfill income needs so that I can have the freedom to be or pursue whatever I choose after I clock out every night.

Alexa Mendez number one motivator is interesting work. She says that being paid less would be ok with her if the work she is completing is fulfilling. Working with her would be interesting because she has the “heart” and I have the “mind”, meaning she is seeking fulfillment whereas I am looking for the best financial outcome. We would balance each other out. If we were on a team together, I could see her finding projects that would be exciting and that would help others. I would go over her list of projects to pursue and pick the one that would benefit us the most (extra bonus or commission).

Prompt 2:

Like most people my number one answer was interesting work. I’ve always said that I would rather be paid less but doing something that I considered fulfilling rather than being paid more for something that I hate to do. However, my second and third choices differed from the statistics average. I actually chose Job security and my second and promotion and growth in the organization as my third. I felt that some of the options were a bit redundant or at least you cant have one without the other. For example, I feel that promotion and growth and full appreciation of work being done go hand in hand. If a company has promotion and growth I feel that they would also be giving you their full appreciation otherwise you wouldn’t be getting promoted in the first place. I also feel that job security falls in the same vain because if you have job security then your work must be going appreciated. Or at least that’s how I interpreted this list. I think my biggest want with any job is to know that I’m doing good somewhere and that I’m helping out others and that I can be in a place where my creativity and ingenuity can grow

Business Motivation – Thought Responses

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