Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model.

Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model..

1.Reflect upon the projects completed in your CLC team. Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model. Choose the model that does the best job of explaining how your team evolved. Provide specific examples from your experience working in your team as to why the model is the best fit for explaining the development of your team. See below on completed assignment.

Project Scope Statement

Project Title: Retail Expansion Project in Waterloo Town

Project Objective: To reduce congestion by 75 percent, improve customer satisfaction rate by 50 percent, and increase market share by 25 percent in the next 18 months.

Project Deliverables

·  Hold stakeholder meeting

·  Identify property for retail store

·  Arrange meeting with project team members

·  Sign procurement document

·  Sign property lease documents

·  Sign contract with a Construction Company

·  Build a retail store including shelving

·  Install and test computer hardware and software

·  Independent inspection of retail store

·  Hire retail personnel

·  Order and receive merchandise

·  Stock retail shelves

·  Add the new store’s location and address to the company’s website

·  Hand off day to day operations to a new retail manager

Project Requirements:

Project Sponsor: The project manager must easily access the project sponsor for effective decision making and other vital needs. He or she will communicate important project information and requirements to the project manager whenever necessary.

Project Manager: He or she will document project processes as well as outcomes based on the expectations of the project stakeholders. He or she will lead the project team and foster communication between the team and project stakeholders.

Construction Manager: The construction manager will meet contractual requirements and communicate project issues and needs to project manager and project stakeholders.

Retail Manager: The retail manager will fulfill project requirements and expectations assigned to him or her. In addition, he or she will communicate the problems and issues limiting his or her abilities to meet project expectations.

Marketing Team: This team will arrange for and execute the grand opening occasion for the new retail outlet in Waterloo on December 1, 2021.

Facilities Manager: This officer will fulfill the project expectations assigned to him or her to the best of his or her capabilities. He or she will communicate hindrances to meeting such expectations to the project manager whenever they arise.

Information Technology Manager. The information technology manager will fulfill project expectations that the project manager assigns to him or her. He or she will communicate problems hindering his or her abilities to meet such expectations to the project manager whenever they arise.

Constraints and Limitations


The grand opening ceremony day will coincide with the company’s annual general meeting. Generally, the organization holds its annual general meeting on December 1. It is on this day, the board of directors declares dividends among shareholders and the management reports the company’s financial performance. The other key activities happening on this day include: discussion of the auditor’s and director’s reports, and appointment of statutory auditors as well as fixation of their remuneration.

Budgetary Constraints

The organization expects to spend no more than $400,000-$300,000 for new retail outlet and $100,000 for grand opening ceremony. However, the project may end up going above the budgetary allocations due to some unforeseeable circumstances such as poor communication, human error, and environmental factors. Concerning poor communication, Schwalbe (2016) indicates that project team members may fail to perform their tasks properly in case of misunderstandings during project planning and execution phases. Correcting situation can lead to budget overruns. Human errors can arise due to omission of project requirements when preparing a budget, which can be costly. Regarding environmental factors, the Project Management Institute (2017) indicates that little can be done about natural disasters such as flooding and hurricanes. These events can sideline a project because of conditions that prevent project team members from accessing the project site. Moreover, delays of project results and supplies can lead to partial or total loss.

Work Breakdown Structure

In the following section we have included the work breakdown structure for the Retail Store Expansion in Waterloo Town. “The WBS provides management with information appropriate for each level.” (Larson & Gray, 2018) As you can see, the highest level for the Retail Store expansion in Waterloo Town is the Project followed by a meeting with the stakeholders to discuss the project scope along with the work breakdown structure. Level 2 is the deliverables that consist of obtaining the land, store design, construction, computer systems and utilities, inspections, hiring/production and the grand opening of the store. Level 3 it is a subdeliverable from all levels 2 items. Then we continue to level 4 all subdeliverables in which we can see that the Facilities Manager, Construction Manager, IT Manage, HR Manager and Marketing Manager own each of the subdeliverables. Managers will be responsible of all of the work packages from their subdeliverable items.

2. As a project manager, describe your approach to managing conflict within a team. How would you approach resolving a personality conflict within a team?

3. Using what you have learned in the Topic Materials, discuss what you believe to be the most important aspect of change management. Provide specific examples to justify your opinion and illustrate your ideas.

4. Explain why it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed solutions using both qualitative and quantitative data. Justify your opinion with specific reasons and examples.

Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model.

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